Sold Beautiful C&R Rolex 114300, Slate Grey Dial, Super Rep/NWBIG

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Certified Hobo Scuba Instructor - CHSI
Mar 24, 2018
East Coast U.S.A.
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Another Forum
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Like New
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Paypal Gift (No Notes), Bank Transfer
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OP 114300 Grey Dial
Accepted payment methods: Paypal Gift / Bank Transfer
Movement: 3132 Super Clone
Origin: M2m, next door
What warranty will you provide?:
What kind of condition is this in? Like New
Asking Price: USD $360
Shipping costs:$8usd

The beautiful ARF OP 114300 of Super Rep status, one of the most beautiful sunburst dials. This is a C&R, The bracelet would not fit my 7 1/2" wrist. I have added three extra oyster links, for the next owner. The movement is perfect and has no issues whatsoever. Watch condition is excellent and I would dare say it is like brand new. No dents, scars or scratches. Some light swirls. Rehaut is spot on centered. I've compared this to the gen at the AD and 99% of the folks out won't be able to call this out. Definitely NWBIG. I paid $348usd + shipping = I am including the 3 extra links(installed on bracelet)I am asking for $360usd which includes the extra 3 links at $10/ea. link
($30 + 348 $378)
Given the condition like new, it is a decent asking price.
This is a replica watch so do expect a possibility of mild scratches, blemishes and imperfections. If you can't accept and expect 100% perfection, don't buy M2M. What you see in the photos is what you will get so please see them carefully. All watches are in good running condition. The watch will be securely packed and I will send photo evidence with tracking information before it's mailed out. Take note that I am not responsible for damages/loss during shipping as this is something not within my control. However best effort will be ensured that the watch is to safely reach your shores.
Payment by Bank Transfer or Paypal Gift, without any notes please. Comments are to be left blank. Please add 5% admin fee to the total amount if by Paypal.

PM me with I'll take it and I will hold the watch for you on a first come first serve basis. However if payment is not received, I will release the watch to the next buyer within my discretion. I may not be able to reply your PMs instantly so please be patient and wait for my reply. If there is anything unsure, please ASK via PM before watch is shipped. Kindly note that I will not entertain if you change your mind. I own the rights to select my buyer. Thank you !20181121_202200.jpg20181121_202140.jpgxSDFD.jpg20181121_202331.jpg20181121_202318.jpg20181121_201715.jpg