My new Omega V6F Orange 42.5mm Seamaster Planet Ocean (pic heavy & compare to noob factory)

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Feb 4, 2018
Hercules, California
I just got this watch from aoobuy Robbie which is why it is still in its packaging. Photos came out pretty decent of it. So here it is. This watch has a Miyota 8215 movement inside which is non-hacking and is fully decorated via skeleton decoration.

Ahh, nothing like a brand new Seamaster Planet Ocean in all of its orange bezel glory. Much like all other high-end replicas since the V5, the pearl is nicely done on the bezel insert. Unlike the V5 model, these newer replicas do not have a "picture frame" date window. IMG_4325.JPG IMG_4326.JPG IMG_4322.JPG IMG_4323.JPG IMG_4327.JPG
So this is a "Limited Edition" watch which I am assuming is a mistake since 1272/5007 should correspond to a James Bond limited edition watch which has a different dial and bezel insert than this one. I am not sure why this watch came with this but it was acceptable. IMG_4328.JPG IMG_4329.JPG IMG_4333.JPG
In the above photos, you can clearly see the skeleton decoration which covers the actual movement. Although it is nicely done, it serves no purpose to the operation of the watch. IMG_4334.JPG IMG_4336.JPG
A typical diver's extension clasp found on all of the latest Planet Ocean replicas. There are no replicas yet with the latest version of the clasp which has a micro-adjustment feature. I'm sure the clasp can be purchased in genuine parts and fitted to this bracelet if necessary.

These last three photos are for comparison. They are of the Noob factory 42.5mm Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean watch.
The first thing to notice is that the bezel insert on this watch is lighter in color than the V6F. So are the 3,6,9 hour markers. IMG_4338.JPG
The noob factory used an engine-turned finish Asia ETA clone movement which works very well and at 28,800bph. IMG_4339.JPG
The coin-edge bezel is identical to the V6F but the crown is a little different. The crown on both of these watches has "happy feet" but they are more pronounced on the V6F. The above photo, again, is of the Noob factory watch.


Noob Friendly
Feb 23, 2018
Nice write-up and pictures ... @amptor !

I don't know it's your camera flash or not, but your dial is too silvery. On top of the wrong caseback, V6F PO should have black barrel wheels which in your pictures I can not tell.

Feb 4, 2018
Hercules, California
The barrels are black. The dial is black too and the overhead LED lights were bright enough to show off the texture of the dial. I could probably ask a TD if I can buy the correct case back I guess. I'm not sure why they mix up parts sometimes, maybe they run out of a part and then just stick on whatever is left. I found the rep of the 007 watch and it has a different number on the caseback than mine does. It's like 0007/5007.
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