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Jan 16, 2018
1 Who has the best Sub?

This question will never be answered. It will never be answered because 'Best" is a subjective issue. All reps have flaws, it is the nature of the game. Only you can determine the particular flaws which are acceptable/unacceptable to you. Experienced members will not want to answer this question and in time and through discovery, you will eventually understand .

2 Where can I buy a good Rep?

Only from Trusted dealers in the TD section, or an established member in the M2M sales section. Most other advertisers of Rep watches can, if they wish, rip you off with impunity. The TDs here will not do that.You must also take care to use the links provided on this forum and ensure that you are actually dealing with the TD in question. Just as there are fake watches , there are also fake TDs using cloned sites of actual Tds .

3 Can I buy a good rep F2F in Thailand/Turkey/ China etc ?

The simple answer is no. You can't because this is a clandestine market and the sellers, producers are at risk. They can maintain anonymity by dealing with you on line. The only people dealing F2F will not carry large stocks of High end reps costing around $400 USD as they are at too much risk of confiscation.

4 How do I go about buying my first rep?

First you need to know what you want. You may think you already know what you want, but you don't . There are a huge number of reps of varying quality, replicating a huge number of gens of varying styles and genres.
It is recommended that you spend time browsing the forum and reading ( a few months would be the minimum) When you have started to understand what reps are about, engage with other members with pertinent and well thought questions. You will find that the forum members here are by and large very experienced and extremely passionate about watches. They will be delighted to help.

5 How do I know if the rep I am looking at is an accurate enough representation of the gen?

The Internet is full of photos of all watches at various magnification and angles. The TD sites are full of photos of the watch you are considering. Look carefully and make detailed analysis . This is best done by separating the parts. Spend some time examining the Dial, then the hands and hand centers. The position of markings, sub dials, the accuracy of fonts. Try (Though it can be difficult ) to compare colours . Then look at case, lugs, crown and pushers.
When you think you have something , don't buy it yet.

Now is the time to start engaging with other member and searching the forum for something a member has already reported regarding that watch. Eventually you will narrow down to something suitable to your needs and desires.

This is a great hobby and a highly addictive past time. Enjoy it and study it. You will benifit by finding some incredibly well made reps, made by people with a genuine passion for what they are doing and a solid desire to improve their game.

You have taken the first and most valuable step. You are on a forum full of people who love watches. Our only desire is to help you to make a good decision and we are hopeful that you yourself become a valuable member of this community.

The biggest favour you can do yourself is to realise that there is much to learn and shortcuts will only end you up with a bad watch.


Buy only from trusted dealers or established forum members. Anything else will end in tears, your tears.
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Idiot Savant and Good Dood
Feb 25, 2018
Very good advice @Timnic54

A word to all noobs...Until you truly get your feet wet and can say "been there, done that" you should adhere to these basic caveats...

There is a vast world out there...and acceptable reps can be your homework, do not be afraid to ask questions...

At the end of the day, this hobby is "Live and learn"...if you are reading this then you are on your way to "learning".

Carry on... :crazypilot: