Omega Seamaster America's Cup Build

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Dec 22, 2017
An old build I did last spring.

After a night of Drunk Ebaying a few months back, I bought a gen Omega 1109 movement and have been looking for the right watch to franken. This last week I bought a SMPc with a keyless issue for a decent price. Forgot to take pictures of it but you know what they look like.

I just recently found out about the Seamaster America's Cup and loved the look of it. Almost bought a gen a couple weeks ago, but wasnt quick on the trigger. The orginal plan for this Franken was a Black Wave Dial Seamaster, but during my search for those parts, I stumbled across the parts for the America's Cup build and never looked back.

Parts for the build

Rep SMPc Case, Crown, Helium valve. Will go gen on the crown and helium soon enough.

Gen Caseback (Stolen from my gen 2531 until the new one I bought shows up. Am on the lookout for one of the actual Americas Cup Backs but they are hard to come by)

Gen 1109 Movement with gen datewheel - *New*

Gen America's Cup Dial - *New*

Gen America's Cup Hands

Gen Seamaster Bezel

Gen America's Cup White Gold Bezel

Gen Seamaster Crystal

It currently is on a rep Omega Leather band with Deployment Clasp. I think I like this combo the best, so I'll go gen on it.

Now on to the pics...

Work station. Wife hates me leaving my watch stuff out on her table so I had to get this done quick.


Dial on the movement. Wasnt completely locked down at this point so the date wheel isnt quite centered right.


Hands set. Saw a trick on the boards of using the plastic cap off of tweezers and modifying the tip to make it flat to use for setting hands. Was so much easier than my actual hand press to get them set right.


Set in the case to make sure everything lines up right. Bezel on.


Movement set and locked in place.


Caseback on. Gaskets greased.


And the final product on a black and grey Nato next to my gen 2531. Wasnt sure what would look best on this so I tried everything. Nato, Gen Bracelet, Rep Leather. So far, Im liking the leather the best. Also, after looking at these pics, looks like i need to clean the hands up with some Rodico. They dont look dirty in person but in these pics look terrible.




And a Lume Shot. One next to my gen 2531. The lume on this new dial is great. You can tell the difference between New and Old in the pics.


All in all, didnt take too much time to do, but the results are amazing. I may do some case reshaping in the future to get it as close to gen as possible, but Im pretty pleased with the results so far.