Omega V6F "TiPO" Titanium 45mm Seamaster Planet Ocean

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Feb 4, 2018
Hercules, California
This is the third and final watch that I recently purchased from aoobuy Robbie (aootime02). I own two of this same watch, so I'll post photos of the new one first and then afterward show the one I use as a daily beater. This watch holds up quite well, but I am pretty gentle with my watches. This watch has a Miyota 8215 non-hacking movement and is fully skeleton decorated.

This watch is still wrapped, new in package.

This watch is full titanium alloy bracelet and titanium alloy case. This is nearly a factory fresh watch because the TD had to wait for the watch factory to get new titanium cases. IMG_4342.JPG IMG_4343.JPG IMG_4344.JPG IMG_4345.JPG IMG_4346.JPG IMG_4347.JPG IMG_4349.JPG
The clasp is still the older style, non-micro adjustment. I am not sure how one would source a micro adjusting clasp for this model of watch or if one is even available. No replicas currently come with one. IMG_4348.JPG
The balance wheel on V6F watches is not black. You have to purchase an OM Factory (OMF) watch for a black balance wheel and they make mostly different watches than V6F and lately, unfortunately, not as good of quality according to my TD. However, I do own one 43.5mm PO from OMF and it turned out great. IMG_4351.JPG IMG_4352.JPG IMG_4353.JPG
Below are my old watch. It is the exact same watch but has been worn for about a year off and on. It has held up great and keeps excellent time. IMG_4354.JPG IMG_4355.JPG IMG_4356.JPG IMG_4357.JPG
It could possibly use a bit of a cleaning and has minor desk diving scratches on the bracelet but over all it still looks stunning in person. My photos of these watches don't appear to serve them justice. They look great in person. The dark blue color of the watch takes a little bit of getting used to. I was originally hoping to find this watch in black, but they do not make it in genuine in black. I read somewhere that you can possibly get the V6 Factory to custom build this watch in all black though. That way you would have an LmTiPO! :) (liquid metal titanium planet ocean), as I have only seen on these forums "LmPO" referring to the all black liquid metal planet ocean.