Pictorial Review - IWC 371433 Jackie Chan Edition

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Feb 25, 2018
IWC 371433 - Jackie Chan Ltd Edition (ZF Factory)

Let’s get a couple of things out in the open before I start the review.
The genuine watch featured in this article was a limited edition of 250 pieces only & my chances of ever owning the gen are minimal to say the least. Therefore we aren’t going to have a proper gen versus rep but I will do my best comparing the two from the library of gen images that exist online.
As the 3714 reference gained in popularity following it’s 1998 launch, the powers that be at IWC cottoned on to the fact that this model would be a great base for launching a large number of extremely limited editions, variations on a theme (Rattrapante) & boutique editions. They are all captured beautifully in the article linked below:
My personal favourite is the one that I discuss below.
IWC 371433 – Jackie Chan Edition
As part of a fund-raising effort for The Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation a special edition of this reference was born in 2007. When it was replicated last year it was inevitable that I would add it to my collection at some point, as I love the case & dial/sub-dial combo that is quite unique. I thought a few might find this review (with it in hand) interesting as I have never seen a thread on the boards where a forum member has purchased it.
Here are the technical specification & further information about the gen.
jcinf.jpg 1f6084f6361b464b3f79f40d86046985_big.jpg

The Case
The ZF & YLF 3714 Reps are widely regarded as being extremely close to the genuine article in virtually every detail. When the slim movement & case were released back at the start of last year we got even closer.
The Rose Gold case is beautifully rendered here, the polished lugs & outer bezel look extremely good & there is a nice contrast with the brushed case sides & main part of the case back. The quality of the finish is great & I like how they have caught in engravings featured between the bottom lugs (gen top- rep bottom)
The Dial
The dial has been captured really beautifully the ardoise outer dial has a wonderful sunburst effect that mirrors the same shimmer in sunlight as the gen. The sub dials seem a good colour match with the genuine article & look superb framed by the darker main dial.
iwc096-1.jpg index.png JC5.jpg
The Case-back
One detail that is further from gen but has never bothered me is the case back engravings on these are less deep & have lower sharpness than those found on the real thing. This particular edition has some fancy engraving denoting the watches purpose & features Jackie’s charity symbol (his name within a Chinese dragon design).
iwc-portuguese-jackie-chan-watch-back1.jpg index.png1.png JC7.jpg
The Movement
Those familiar with ZF 3714’s will be familiar with the extremely noisy rotor associated with the modified slim 7750 movement, this is present hear & requires silencing by lubrication. It’s too early to make a judgement on accuracy of time-keeping but my year old 371445 has performed beautifully so I hope I experience the same thing here.
The Strap
This remains the area where significant improvements could be made by the factories. The brown alligator strap received simply isn’t good enough to be worn on this stunning piece. This was supplied on the rose gold deployant fastening. I believe this is an inaccuracy against the gen as my understanding is that it was released with the more comfortable & traditional tang buckle fastening. I had already purchased one prior to arrival & I’ll wear it on the upgraded strap.
Library images show this piece on both black & brown alligator straps so I’m a little torn on how I will wear it most at the moment my gut feel is that it looks best on black & versus most of my collection that have brown straps this pairing may allow me something different. The trouble with black straps is that the formality of them works less well when dressed casually, I guess time will tell,
Anything Missing?
The eagle-eyed amongst you may already have noticed there is one difference on the case side, the gen has an engraved limited edition number which seems was a step too far in the replication, I think even the most obsessive WIS would struggle to spot that or know that It was a feature on the genuine timepiece.
In Summary
Another outstanding piece of work from ZF, I’m delighted with it & as in so many cases the actual article looks so much better than the TD’s photos.
Mine was purchased from Sead’s (Suppermirrors) EU stock list, if you are used to being around the boards you will know that he is an excellent dealer who supplies quality pieces in a quick turnaround.


Content Contributor
Feb 1, 2018
This looks nice... if only I could stop worrying about the gold plating!

Sorry to be a nitpicker, but is it just me or is the chapter ring slightly raised, leaving a gap around the dial?

Likes: Timnic54


Feb 25, 2018
This looks nice... if only I could stop worrying about the gold plating!

Sorry to be a nitpicker, but is it just me or is the chapter ring slightly raised, leaving a gap around the dial?

View attachment 6464
Ah the perils of macro photography!
Having not noticed this myself previously I have taken a look & it is slightly raised just in the 12-2 area. Gladly this is not noticeable on the wrist & certainly doesn’t bother me...but good eye nonetheless!

Plating isn’t an issue as it will only be worn every 2-3 weeks & working in an office environment my pieces stay in truly mint condition, fortunately they do not get exposed to the elements or to potentially being scratched or dented. Maybe if someone was going to wear something like this daily it would be a bigger issue.
Likes: Scott

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