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Jan 16, 2018
When I was 12 years old my Grandfather died, we were close. I had great love and respect for him. In the late 50s he had bought a gold manual wind Omega. I loved it . It was given to me.
As I said, I was twelve. I didn't look after the watch and within a year or so it went missing. Much later, in my 20s I was gutted and felt guilty to this very day ( I am now 63) that I respected my Grandfather so much, yet I failed to look after that wonderful watch that he left me, even though I loved watches at the time. I guess it was youthful irresponsibility. It became a real guilt trip for me, especially as I continued to love watches so much. I really never got over it.
A few years ago my wife's Grandfather died. I wasn't that close to him, but had spent some time with him, particularly at the end and got on very well with him. A few months ago, his wife, my wife's Grandmother told me that as she was about to visit us, ( She lives in France) she would very much like me to have his watch. She knew that I loved watches and couldn't think of anyone better to have it. He had loved the watch and looked after it well himself.
The guilt set in again. I was thinking I don't deserve this. I lost my Grandfathers watch. I surely am not worthy.
I couldn't even remember the watch she was talking about. At the end he had suffered with diabetes and kidney failure. He had not worn the watch for the years I knew him.
When she arrived she handed me the watch. I opened the old Longines box it was in and there it was. A 1950s Gold Omega. Identical in every detail to the one my own grandfather left me.
I feel complete and forgiven. The watch came back to me . I am not a superstitious person. In fact a bit of a skeptic. But somehow I do feel the watch came to me in something other than coincidence.
I shall wear it both on the Birthday of my own Grandfather and the Birthday of my wife's Grandfather.
I had the watch restored

Original purchase papers

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