PSA*** SCAMMER Rashforddavid AKA Jason Cole, Jonathan Atikson et al.

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Staff member
Dec 23, 2017
per curioleo on RWI
"After corresponding with the supposed "seller" Jonathan Atikson (New Jersey) on the email, he asked for F&F payment but on a different email, being for Jason Cole.

on Vintage Rolex Forum he's given the email

It saddens me to see a wonderful member curioleo get taken like this along with all the others who may or may not have come forward.

It appears this guy's been on other forums with similar scams

This is a reminder to be careful and buy the seller first. Also, be extra cautious with new members who seem to have access to rare and desirable parts and pieces with no good explanation with how they obtained the item. This is a red flag that they have been banned before or are outright scamming. Also, if they are acting as the intermediary they should take responsibility for the transaction in it's entirety, not punt you off to a "friend" who's not on the forums.

There is a detailed accounting and information available here: