Rolex 6542 Serpico y Laino Re Depth dial GMT.

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Dec 22, 2018
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Serpico Y Laino was a jewellery store that was in operation from 1925 to 1966 in Caracas, Venezuea, run by 2 Italian immigrants, Vicente Laino and Leopoldo Serpico.

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During a trip to Switzerland in the early 1930s, and they managed to negotiate exclusive distribution rights in Venezuela for a - at the time - small watch manufacturer called Rolex.

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They also later became the sole distributor for another luxury watch manufacturer - Patek Philippe.

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Venezuela was a wealthy country at the time, and Serlico y Laino was the leading watch retailer in Caracas until its closure in 1966, after forty years of activity.

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Many of the watches that they sold bore the "Serpico y Laino" line on the dial, and some had an "S&L" engraving on the back.

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Whilst the Serpico Y Laino dealer stamped dials are similar in nature to the Tiffany & Co ones, Serpico Y Laino was a much smaller company than Tiffany and stopped production fairly early, meaning the Serpico Y Laino dials are rarer than Tiffany dials.

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Having a Serpico Y Laino co-branded dial generally adds about three-times the value of the standard version to a given watch. . .

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