Sold Rolex Explorer II 216570 CHS

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Jan 19, 2018
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Hi guys,

I'm selling my Rolex Explorer II 216570 CHS (Correct Hand Stack). As much as I love this watch she has to go. The watch is in perfect condition!

The movement works but the hour hand (small little hand for those who don't know) isn't moving, you can change this hand with the crown but stays in that position when you've changed the hand. There is probably something loose and should be an easy fix for those who is handy enough. I didn't open the caseback and decided to let the watch go for cheap.

Movement: A3187 with CHS
Size: 42mm x 13mm (same as genuine)
More specs about this watch see dealer link:

Price new: $ 398,- excl. shipping (see the link above)
My price: € 245,-excl. shipping

If you have any questions or want some extra pictures, let me know!

10781so.jpg 1546249243075.gif
33p67oj.jpg 1546249243113.gif

24or1n5.jpg 1546249243150.gif

m8i6fn.jpg 1546249243183.gif 10p1u01.jpg 1546249243217.gif 2hyjgnr.jpg 1546249243253.gif hrd4lu.jpg 1546249243297.gif 2h3reip.jpg 1546249243333.gif 33xyqdl.jpg 1546249243372.gif