Vintage Omega Speedy

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Feb 4, 2018
Check it out. Rainy here today so I went ahead and finished this. I ordered a cheap quartz speedy from the gate to use the case for something else. They made changes since the last time I got one. Hands were silver instead of white, and the "crystal" was god awful. But: surprise, surprise it has a VK Microstepper. Still ticks, though not as bad @6. But the chrono hand is nice and smooth and has no slop.

Takes a bit of work to make it decent. Mods (which are detailed previously in the vintage section): matte sprayed dial, stripped lume and painted the hands, faded bezel insert a bit, tossed the godawful crystal and put a hi dome SK plexi on it. Can't waterproof these, gen isn't.



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