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Dec 22, 2017
Welcome to Horology Board. We made this place as a safe haven for all lovers of Horology. Whether you like affordable, high end, homage or replica, this is a place for all to come together and enjoy the hobby of Horology.

A few rules to follow:
  • BE RESPECTFUL! We are all here because of our love of all things horology. We strive to have a community that is built on being a helpful and a safe place for all enthusiasts to come together. No direct or indirect personal attacks or insults will be allowed. Posts that antagonize, belittle or humiliate others will not be tolerated. This applies to all areas of the site; posts, profile visitor messages, private messages, etc. Please report any posts that do not follow this rule.
  • SEARCH! This forum will accumulate a great wealth of knowledge over time. Many of the most common questions will have been asked and answered at least once. The forum software utilizing a great search engine that can be easily customized to search for exactly what you want. If you have exhausted the search feature, then go ahead and post a new thread with your question.
  • BE HELPFUL. Just like we ask new members to search, we also ask veteran members to help out with questions and issues that are posted. No one has all the answers so there will be a time that everyone needs help with one issue or the other.
  • DISAGREEMENTS ARE FINE, BUT DO NOT ATTACK. With this hobby, they’re will be those that don’t have the same opinion as you. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and forcing your opinion onto those that don’t agree with you will not get them to change your mind. Here at Horology Board, we welcome debate, but do it professionally and politely.
  • NO NSFW AVATARS OR SIGNATURES. The one thing we want is for everyone to feel comfortable coming to this site. If you wouldn’t want your boss, wife, girlfriend, mom, daughter, sister, brother, son, etc. seeing the picture, then it probably shouldn’t be used. Moderators reserve the right to edit/delete avatars or signatures that break this rule.
  • NO SALES OUTSIDE OF THE SALES SECTION. As we grow, a Sales Section will be added. Any post regarding sales that isn’t posted in the sales section will be deleted and an infraction given. This goes for WTB threads outside of the WTB section as well.
  • POST IN THE CORRECT FORUM. There are Sections and Sub Forums created for several different catagories. Please use them. Moderators reserve the right to close or move threads that are posted in the wrong section.
  • OFF TOPIC IN OFF TOPIC. For some reason that we have yet to discover, people do not want to talk about Horology 24/7. We have created an Off Topic Section to allow users to discuss outside interests. Keep it Safe For Work and Civil at all times.
  • NO POLITICAL THREADS. We get enough politics in our everyday lives through every other media outlet. Let’s keep this place free of the controversy and drama that Politics bring to the table.
  • LINKS, URLS OR OUTSIDE SITES. These rules apply for everything. Posts, Avatars, Signatures, Profiles, Etc.
    • links to or naming of personal non-commercial websites/pages/content are permitted. Moderators reserve the right to delete any questionable naming or links;
    • links to or naming of commercial ventures/websites/pages/content are prohibited unless you are a Sponsor;
    • advertising banners and avatars whether or not linked to a commercial venture, page or website are prohibited unless you are a Sponsor;
    • links or references to competitive watch forum sites are not allowed in signatures, profiles, homepage hyperlinks, and avatars w/o Moderator Approval
    • links or references to competitive watch forum sites may be used in posts from time to time only if they contain information pertinent to the topic under discussion. This usage will be solely at the Moderators’ discretion;
    • reciprocal links are permitted only upon request and with the approval of a site’s ownership;
    • posts, signatures, profiles, homepage hyperlinks and avatars should not contain religious texts, political statements, sexist remarks or any other offensive text or image. Final arbiter of such signatures or avatars is the site Administrators;
    • No “wanted to buy”, wanted to trade, for-sale verbiage or links are allowed in signature links, we have a WTB, WTT, and a Sales Corner for that purpose.
  • NO COMMERCIAL POSTS OR ACTIVITY. We will be deleting posts/banning users without notice when the post is a commercial post made by a non community sponsor. If you happen to see these types of posts on the forum, we urge you to report these members to us. Commercial/advertising usernames, signatures, avatars, etc. are reserved strictly for site sponsors. We welcome new entrepreneurs to the game, so if you would like to get feedback on a product idea, marketing campaign, etc. contact a Moderator for approval and guidelines.
  • NO RACISM ALLOWED. No posts which disparage any groups based on race or religion allowed. Most people who decide to post racist and hateful posts follow-up with some diatribe on freedom of speech. Please remember this is a Watch forum designed for all Watch Enthusiasts, regardless of race, religion or any other difference. Period. The End.
  • NO MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS. Setting up multiple accounts is a bannable offense, and we will find out. If you are having issues with your account, let an admin or moderator know, and we will get it fixed.
  • NO POSTING OF PRIVATE MESSAGES (PM). Do not post a Private Message (PM) without approval from the original author. Also, do not post personal info of anyone. If you have an issue with the content of a PM, contact a Moderator. Moderators reserve the right to edit out PMs and Personal Info from posts, and will issue infractions.
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Horology Board is a community of watch enthusiasts and horologists. This board is a place to discuss, learn, and grow knowledge on watches.

Here at Horology Board, we do not judge on a watch, be it a genuine, a homage, or a replica watch.

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