What is the PAM combo you are wearing today

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The Annoyance Facilitator
Jan 5, 2018
I'm very curious about that bracelet....
It was a mega BITCH to do. I bought a 299 and took the bracelet off , put on a leather strap and gave the 299 to my Son. then I bought a second 243 I think H factory, I tried filing and grinding and sanding...it took me a total of three bracelets (THANK YOU SEAD) before I got it half ass right, in the end the spring bars fit fine but the endlink was rotating on the spring bar...I actually used JB weld to keep the end links from rotating up and away from case. Someone on RWI did it but I don't know how...So I have 2 243s Noob and H Factory. maybe if I had understood the trick the other guy used it would of been easy but he disappeared and I couldn't ask. :(