What 'No Date' Submariner are you wearing today?

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Feb 27, 2018
Originally had been posting this on RWI (as @thumbsarehandy).

Wanted to also add it here. May it provide inspiration to someone.

Please, share your 'No Date Submariner' pics below. :)

A brief history ...

The original Rolex Submariner watches began their life in the 1950s.

The very first ‘No Date Submariner’ smile.png was produced in 1953.

ref. 6204
(Production year: 1953 to 1954)


Note the 'pencil-shaped hands', the 'lollipop seconds hand' and the small crown.

The beautiful ‘gilt dial’ is surrounded by a chapter ring.
(A ‘gilt dial’ refers to the gold colored printing, with actual application of gold (in the paint);
the chapter ring is the marking on the dial that indicates the hours and minutes)


Also note the absence of a 'crown guard', minute markers on the bezel insert and a depth rating on the dial.
(a ‘crown-guard’ goes around the crown to protect the crown stem from shock)

ref. 6200
(Production year: 1954 to 1955)

A year later, in 1954, Rolex updated its reference 6200
with “Mercedes hands” and an 8mm oversized “big crown”.


Note the absence of a crown guard and minute markers on the bezel insert.

Some 6200 had the word 'Submariner' written on the dial, some did not because of a
temporary copyright issue.

ref. 6536
(Production year: 1955 to 1958)

Note the small crown on ref. 6536.


The new 1030 movement of ref. 6538-1 was Rolex’s first bi-directional automatic movement.

This 1030 movement eventually became Rolex’s first officially certified chronometer grade movement –
seen by the Officially Certified Chronometer” line printed on the dial.
(For a movement to be chronometer certified, it is individually tested for 14 days and nights, in 5 positions and at 3 temperatures, ranging from 8º C to 38º C, and is subsequently certified by the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres - COSC)

ref. 6538
(Production year: 1955 to 1958)

One of the most famous Rolex watches is the Rolex Submariner reference 6538.
Note the 'big crown', the added minuted markers on the bezel insert,
'gilt lettering' and 'capture ring' on the dial and an improved 200m = 660ft depth rating.


Note the absence of a crown guard.

Ref. 6538 was made famous by showing up on the wrist of Sean Connery in several Bond films, including
"Dr. No", "Goldfinger", "From Russia with Love" and "Thunderball“.



Below, the 6538 is shown with the ‘Officially Certified Chronometer' line and a ‘tropical dial’
(a ‘tropical dial’ is a dial that has aged and because of various exposures has turned from black to brown).​


ref. 5512 & 5513
(Production year: 1959 to 1978 & 1962 to 1990)

Note the introduction of the ‘crown guard’ and visible bezel teeth
(a ‘crown-guard’ is a protective steel protrusion that goes around the crown, designed to protect
the crown stem from shock)


Both watches have a depth rating of 660ft = 200m.
The 5512 was Chronometer certified (4 lines), whereas the 5513 was not (2 lines).

It is noteworthy to point out that both models stayed in production far longer than any of their predecessors.
The 5512 was produced for 19 years (1959-1978) and the 5513 for 28 years (1962-1990).

So far, all watches mentioned above (6204 to 5513) had a beautifully 'domed crystal'.


Some even going to extreme height.


ref. 14060
(Production year: 1990 to 2012)
The ’classic’ Submariner

Notice the updated depth rating 1000ft = 300m, no 'Chronometer certification' (only 2 lines) and
‘Swiss T<25’ below the 6.


The 14060 had an uni-directional aluminum bezel, a ‘flat’ sapphire crystal, a triplock crown,
visible lug holes and a bracelet with a diving extension.

The model number was engraved between the lugs at 12 o’clock and the serial number at 6 o’clock.

The movement was updated with a high beat caliber
with a movement beat speed of 28,800 vibrations per hour (VPH).

ref. 14060M
(Production year: 1998 to 2012)

Besides a movement upgrade, the luminous on the dial was changed from Tritium (T<25) to ‘superluminova’.
Therefore, the marking below the 6 changed from ‘Swiss T<25’ to ‘SWISS MADE’.


In 2007, the 14060M became officially certified as a chronometer and had therefore
2 lines added to the text on the dial.


In 2008, Rolex added an engraved inner rehaut.


Also, a 'Dive-Suit Extension' was added to the bracelet.


ref. 114060
(Production year: 2012 to Present)

Note the ‘Maxi dial’ where the hour markers are larger compared to the previous model, the 14060.


The hands and markers are filled with Chromalight to emit a long-lasting blue glow.


The bezel insert was updated to ceramic (‘Cerachrom’)
and the graduations of the bezel number are PVD coated with platinum.

The sapphire crystal has an inside AR coating.
(Anti-reflective coating to reduce light reflecting off the crystal)

The 114060 also has a new case shape with thicker crown guards
and thicker lugs without visible lug holes.


The bracelet has a new-generation ‘GLIDELOCK extension system’ and 'OYSTERLOCK safety clasp'.

20.jpg 19.jpg

The Evolution of the 'No-Date Submariner' smile.png

A group photo

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Feb 27, 2018
Noob v7, as nice as this watch is - it really needs a paint job - those bezel numbers disappear without light

however show decently in bright light

got my Molotow pen already :)
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Apr 7, 2018
Hi Spirit :) so good to see you here!
Adore your photography.
Thank you for posting!
Thank you for the kind words, my friend! :)
Slowly getting to know the forum, but I already see a bunch of good people here! It´s nice to be part of it!

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