FAQ re Ordering, Payment, and Shipping

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Jan 20, 2018
This post addresses frequently asked questions from members who are new to the rep world about ordering, payment, and shipping.

Please keep in mind that this information describes how things work in general. Each TD has their own terms and conditions, and their own specific policies and practices. Before you order a watch from a TD, make sure you understand their particulars.

I’ve selected a watch and TD. How do I order?

There are three things you should do before your order.

First, read the TD’s instructions on how to order. TDs typically post instructions on how to order from them. If the TD has not posted instructions, contact them and ask. If you are unclear about their instructions, contact them and ask.

Second, make sure you ask the TD about their terms and conditions. Do they offer QC pics? If so, how long do you have to review them? What happens if your watch is seized by customs? What happens if your watch arrives dead on arrival? Do they offer a warranty?

Third, before placing your order, contact the TD and ask if the watch is available. Even if it is on their website, it might no longer be available.

When you contact the TD to ask if a watch is available, you will generally want to provide them with the one or more of the following items of information:
A description of the watch you want
A link to a webpage showing the watch
Your name
A way for the dealer to contact you
Your username on the forum

After the TD confirms the watch is available, place your order by following the TD’s instructions.

For some TDs, there may be more than one way to order, such as private message, email, and/or website. Do not just go on a TD’s website and try to order without first completing the three preliminary steps.

I’ve placed my order. How do I pay?

Once you officially place your order, the TD will typically provide you with an invoice and payment instructions. Pay the invoice.

What forms of payment do TDs accept?

This depends on the TD. Potential forms of payment include Western Union, MoneyGram, bank transfer, bitcoin, credit card, paypal, and others.

Many TDs will not accept paypal paments until you have been an established buyer or have been vetted by the TD.

If you pay by credit card, be prepared for high international and foreign currency conversion fees. Also, be prepared that you may have to contact your credit card company to approve the transaction. If you are concerned about the safety of using a credit card, see if your credit card offers virtual credit card numbers. If you are still concerned, use a different payment method.

Many members have reported problems trying to use Western Union online. You are much less likely to have problems if you use Western Union in person.

What shipping method should I use?

Check with your TD to see what shipping methods they offer. Typical shipping methods used by dealers are DHL and EMS Direct.

Ask your TD what shipping method they recommend for your order. There are times when certain shippers are more likely to have customs problems in certain areas of the world. The TDs are regularly shipping watches around the world, so they have a pretty good idea of what shipping method is safest for your order.

Some countries have higher customs risk. For these countries, triangular shipping may be recommended. This involves shipping from China to another country (typically the UK), and then to the country of destination. This increases shipping costs and the time of shipping, but it can significantly reduce the risk of customs seizure.

How many watches is it safe to ship in one order?

Ask your TD what they recommend. One or two watches is the lowest risk. Anything more than 2 watches starts to significantly increase the risk of customs problems.

I’ve paid for my watch. Now what?

You will typically receive confirmation that payment was made. After several day to a week, you should receive QC pictures. Review the QC pics and either grant approval, or following up with questions or requests.

Some TDs place a time limit for you to approve QC pics. If they do not hear from you within the prescribed time, the QC pics will be deemed automatically approved and they will ship your watch.

I approved the QC pics. What happens next?

After you approve the QC pics, the TD will typically send the watch to you within several days. You will normally receive an email confirming shipment and a tracking number.

My watch has been shipped. How long will it take before I receive it?

Depending on shipping method, time of year, and your location, it can take several weeks, or longer, to receive your watch.

Tracking information is often unreliable. It can take a few days for updated tracking information to show up in the system. You may receive your watch before the tracking information is updated to show that it was delivered.

My watch arrived, but it’s broken. What do I do?

First make sure the watch is really broken. If you ordered an automatic watch, you may need to wind the crown and/or shake the watch to get it moving.
If your watch is broken, read this post about What to do if you have an issue with a TD.

My watch was lost or seized by customs. What do I do?

If your watch was seized by customs or never arrived, read this post about What to do if you have an issue with a TD.
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