Read this first prior to posting in the Trade Section

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Dec 22, 2017
Hello All!

We have a Trade Section (Member to Member or M2M) as a privilege to our established members. As with any forum, we have to follow some rules prior to doing some buying or selling in our forum.

1. We do not allow PROFITEERING. You cannot sell something for more that what you paid, or more than the value of the watch. For items that sell more, there must be a significant justification for such price increase, such as service, modification, or in some cases when an item is a rare piece. These modifications or service would need to have some proof (receipt, confirmation from such modder, etc). Price increase should also be done accordingly with these modifications or service.

2. We need TAGGED PHOTOS. The photos need to have a hand written tag showing your username in Horology Board, the current date, and the name of this community (HB, Horology Board, or HOBO is fine). These photos need to be displayed in the thread in full size, or a good quality size. A thumbnail does not qualify nor do links to the images. If the sales thread has multiple items, there should be a tagged picture containing all those parts. If the movement is declared, we need a tagged picture of such movement.

Example of contents of a tagged pic:

muscles (username)
HORO Board or HB or Horology Board

The images need to REMAIN AVAILABLE FOR 90 DAYS AFTER SALE ENDS. This is very important and if the images are removed prior, selling privileges can be revoked and all sales threads removed.

3. ELIGIBILITY: Members need to be a member for at least TWO WEEKS (14 DAYS) and have a MINIMUM POST COUNT OF 30 QUALITY POSTS in order to POST IN EXISTING SALES THREADS TO BUY **3 DAYS and MINIMUM POST COUNT OF 5 QUALITY POSTS TO BUY AND POST IN THIS SECTION. Members need to be a member of at least 30 DAYS and have a MINIMUM POST COUNT OF 50 quality posts **5 DAYS AND HAVE A MINIMUM POST COUNT OF 15 quality posts in order to CREATE SALES THREADS. Exception to this rule is for HB Diplomats. This is a vetted, invite only group.

When we mean 'quality' posts, we mean posts that are NOT intended to increase post count just to be able to buy or sell. This is at the discretion of staff.

Members who qualify can sell no more than TWO watches per month. Each watch cannot be more that $500 USD value (excluding shipping). In order to sell more per month, Members will need to apply to Admin/Moderators. Requirements will be 100 posts minimum and personal info will be collected. This approval will last 2 months and you will need to re-apply.

4. For HIGH VALUE ITEMS ($700 USD and above) you need to apply for High Value Sale Approval from one of the Admin/Moderators BEFORE posting your sale. High Value Sale Approval is per Item. Requirements will be 100 posts minimum and personal info will be collected.

5. When sending payment, DO NOT put any notes or reference to replica, horology board, or any notes at all, as that can cause the transaction from going through. Also make sure that both BUYER AND SELLER agree on final price including shipping prior to sending any monies or shipping any item. This way the transaction goes smooth and less headache to everyone involved. Any CHARGEBACKS or Paypal dispute without first contacting our staff and getting approval, and without any attempts to resolve any issues first will most likely result in a BAN from this community.

6. Each sales thread is automatically set to PENDING until one of the Moderators review it and give the go ahead for the sales thread. Only then can the seller provide payment details to buyer and collect payment. Under no circumstances can a sale proceed without the sales thread being marked FOR SALE. If such sale occurs prior, then do not expect any help from staff if there is an issue with the transaction or item. Also expect to have buying/selling privileges revoked.

Our Moderators are only human, we also have our full time jobs and other duties outside of this community. Please be patient when waiting for your sales thread to be reviewed.

7. When packing, make sure the item is well packed with bubble wrap and secured. Any damage on the item due to poor packing will be considered fault of the seller.

**Denotes temporary override for the time being.

8. When an item is sold, please tag one of our moderators in order to mark the thread as SOLD.
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