Rolex Wristies

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The Annoyance Facilitator
Jan 5, 2018
In recognition and admiration of your 16613 insert . Today I installed a Genuine 16613 Blue silver insert with gold surround pearl on one of my TC V6's
But there was a bit of a mystery with this TC I bought on a M2M deal from gent in the UK over at RWG in 2017. As I removed the Bezel today I found the crystal retention ring installed with the Click spring at 6pm and the back of the supposed TC LN insert had been sanded to fit the bezel???? Very strange indeed. To Quote the seller in 2017.
"I saw your want to buy - I'm going to be listing my TC LN soon. I brought it direct from TC end of 2015 so it's the v6 with Kensington dial and an elabore movement - it's quite possible it has some v7 bits on it as this was when he was doing the mods and not saying. It's has a few micro marks but other than that it's mint and never opened. It has all the TC packaging and time card etc. Price wise I was going to look for £400. I'm currently waiting for one incoming before this goes on for sale."

here are some pictures.

This one is just as it appeared when received in 2017.

Here is the mystery under the bezel

Here is the time graph from today....It runs great, sorry for crap picture..+3 S/D with good amplitude

And now looking great on my wrist with new insert.