Top 12 Myths of Replica Watches

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Jan 20, 2018
There are many misconceptions about rep watches. Here are the top 12:

Myth #1: The best replicas are Swiss-made.
Fact: Reps are not made in Switzerland. Most reps are made in China. Those that aren’t made in China are made in places like Vietnam and Taiwan.

Myth #2: The best replicas have Swiss movements.
Fact: Most reps come with movements made in Asia. Be careful when a seller claims a rep has a genuine Swiss movement. The rep probably has an Asian clone of a Swiss movement. Unless you know the seller is a reputable or Trusted Dealer, they are probably trying to scam you.

Myth #3: The gold on “Swiss grade” replicas is very high quality.
Fact: Rep watches are typically gold plated or wrapped. Rep bracelets do not have solid gold links.

Myth #4: A grade AAAA+ rep is better than a grade AA rep.
Fact: There is no organization that rates reps, and there is no rating system for reps. If a seller claims a rep has some sort of rating, they are trying to scam you.

Myth #5: It doesn’t matter what seller you buy from.
Fact: It matters very much who you buy from. Many online websites that sell replicas are scam sites. You should only buy watches from Trusted Dealers. These are dealers who are listed on this site and have gone through a vetting process.

Myth #6: Working with a good seller will always result in getting a good watch.
Fact: There is a potential for problems and errors in any transaction for any type of product. With rep watches, there is a higher chance of potential problems based on the nature of How the Industry Works. Quality control in rep factories is not the same as in factories that make genuine products. A rep watch may get seized by customs. This is why it is important to only buy from Trusted Dealers, who offer QC pics and warranties. A good dealer will want to protect their reputation by fixing problems.

Myth #7: Replica review sites offer good advice and reliable places to buy reps.
Fact: Replica review sites are run by the people whose watches and websites they recommend. Their goal is to take your money, not to give you good advice.

Myth #8: You can determine the quality of a seller by their website.
Fact: These days, it is easy and inexpensive to put up an impressive looking website. Do not be fooled by the quality of seller’s site, or by fancy marketing language on their website. The best advice is to only buy from Trusted Dealers. Some Trusted Dealers do not even have a website.

Myth #9: The watch you get will look just like the watch on the seller’s website.
Fact: Many scam sites show pictures of gen watches on their sites but send you poor quality reps. When you buy from a Trusted Dealer, you will have an opportunity to review QC pics before your watch is shipped.

Myth #10: A rep is a rep, so it makes sense to buy the least expensive one.
Fact: Not true. There is significant variation in the quality of different reps. Do you research before you buy.

Myth #11: Rep watches are lighter than gens.
Fact: Some are, some aren’t. It depends on the particular rep.

Myth #12: Complications don’t work on replica watches.
Fact: Again, it depends on the watch. Sometimes they work, other times they don’t. A simple date function will typically work on a rep. A moon phase on a rep will typically just show day and night. Do you research before you buy so you know in advance what functions will work.
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Apr 19, 2018
As usual, EXCELLENT advice for true NOOBIES who are completely new to the rep world. Believe me, when I started out back in October of 09, I knew zilch about reps and got burned on one of them. Listen to the advice of the veterans, noobs.