TW IWC Da Vinci review

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Jan 16, 2018
My TW IWC Da Vinci arrived yesterday. Great service as always from Andrew and the Team at Trusty.

As always I put the watch straight onto a Gen gator strap, which I had in the strap box. It may not be the ideal strap and I will look for something in grey, but nothing is worse than those dreadful plastic looking straps that reps generally arrive with.

This is an interesting watch for a number of reasons.

1 It seems that IWC made this watch with the express desire that it should be perfectly repped with the minimum effort. Steel three hander with date, closed back. Original watch fitted with SW 300 which is a ETA 2892 Fairly plain dial with a subtle sunburst.

2 It is quirky. It is a 40mm watch, which wears a little bigger than its size would suggest. It has those nice floating lugs. It is thin and makes a great everyday watch as well as a fine dress watch.

3 It is an underdog. A watch much ignored and considered a bit meh and boring. I am a sucker for the underdog

4 It reps well.

This watch is so totally NWBIG. This watch is IMHO totally un-callable. It looks and feels just like the Gen. The dial is spot on. The finish is magnificent. It has effectively the same movement. It is just made in a different place.

The buckle even is wonderfully finished.

Sometimes we have a great rep of a great watch (Rare) Sometimes we have a mediocre rep of a great watch (Common)
Sometimes we have a great rep of a mediocre watch. Of this the TW Davinci stands accused, easily. However it is a watch which gives much more in the hand than in a photo. Wearing it i can see why IWC made the watch. It has a charm which lies in its quirky yet understated nature. It feels great to wear and something about it makes you want to look at it. It is (by virtue of the 2892, a favorite movement for me) thin and unobtrusive without ever feeling insubstantial or flimsy.

Here are some photos. hard to see the subtle sunburst on the dial with flat studio lighting. It can be seen better in the natural light wristshots.








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Mar 11, 2018
Well written, with some very apt considerations. Thank you Sir.
I kind of like this model. Still, I'm more of a Portofino type.